Who We Are

Our Story....

Welcome to Into The Black.

We are an Australian based business with a clear message. There is a sombre elegance to be found in the shadowy, tenebrous depths, a beauty in the morose and wisdom in archaic old ways.

This spirit is encapsulated in each and every product we have handcrafted or carefully curated for our store.

Our creations are designed and handmade made in our home based studio to bring you a unique and quality collection of pieces reflecting our love of the mysterious and macabre.

Most items are one of a kind art pieces, and no two pieces will ever be identical due to the nature of our work. We combine natural specimens, native botanicals, semi-precious stones, quality timber and dark art to produce decorative pieces which are as unique as the elements used in their inception.

Embrace the mysterious, connect with forgotten legends and revel in the darkness.